Governments investing more than $210M in Winnipeg's North End Sewage Treatment Plant


WINNIPEG -- The North End Sewage Treatment Plant’s Headworks Facilities are set to be the recipients of a very substantial investment, with the federal and provincial governments providing a combined $212.8 million for the facility.

Officials with the Government of Canada, Government of Manitoba and City of Winnipeg announced the funding on Friday at a news conference in Winnipeg, saying the Headworks Facilities project will improve the health of Lake Winnipeg.

“Three levels of government, standing shoulder to shoulder, working together to address the economic and environmental needs of a growing city that is attracting people from around the world,” said Terry Duguid, MP for Winnipeg South.

“I’m excited because this is a major step on the journey to restore the health of Lake Winnipeg.”

This project includes new raw sewage pumps, plate screens, grit washing units, and other improvements. These investments will help lengthen the sewage plant’s service life, support population and economic growth, and create a stronger, cleaner and more environmentally sustainable community.

Other environmental considerations incorporated into the project include the use of standby pumps, planting vegetation in critical areas, and installing systems to monitor odours and additional off-gassing during hot temperatures.

“With these upgrades the City of Winnipeg will be able to accommodate demand for wastewater treatment services into the future,” said Federal Northern Affairs Minister Dan Vandal.

“This project will also protect the environment and the community by minimizing the risk of future plant failure.”

The Government of Canada is investing more than $116.1 million into the project, and Manitoba is investing $96.7 million.

The City of Winnipeg is also contributing more than $143 million to the project.

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman said the treatment plant has been in need of upgrades for many years.

“An upgrade that represents one of the largest, most complicated upgrade projects in North America,” he said.

“Today’s historic announcement of funding from our federal and our provincial partners is a major milestone in funding that upgrade."

The North End Sewage Treatment Plant is Winnipeg’s oldest and largest sewage treatment plant.

It processes 70 per cent of the city’s wastewater.