Dr. Mercola reveals how Google and Wikipedia tag team to censor natural health websites while promoting Big Pharma and processed junk food


(Natural News) Back in June, Mercola.com, the most visited natural health website in the world, was deleted from Google’s search results for supposedly spreading “misinformation” about health, nutrition, and vaccines. However, the real reason that Google went on this censorship purge is because Dr. Joseph Mercola represents a serious threat to the viability of mainstream medicine, of which Google is now a major stakeholder.

In a new video posted to his Brighteon.com account, Dr. Mercola, a board-certified physician who runs a successful practice that’s helped millions of people around the world, reveals how Google has essentially morphed into its own drug company. No longer just a simple search engine, Google has effectively rigged its system to favor only articles and other related content that support pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, and junk food – all things that Dr. Mercola’s medical perspectives call into question.

Because Dr. Mercola’s understanding of medicine is, in many ways, contradictory to what the establishment claims is undeniable medical fact, including the popular misnomer that all vaccines are safe and effective, he’s become a target for elimination by Big Tech. And the same thing is happening to many others just like him who prefer to tell the truth rather than parrot establishment propaganda.

“My site has been a top destination for health topics for over 17 years, but Google has now decided to remove these pages that have legitimately earned the trust of the public and replace them with health information from advertising companies that promote junk food and drugs through Google ad services,” Dr. Mercola explains, using the example of an in-depth article he wrote about rheumatoid arthritis, entitled, “Rheumatoid Arthritis: Painful Debilitating Disease More Devastating Than Previously Recognized,” that Google has simply blocked from showing up when Google users search for information about this topic.