EXPOSED: Federal intelligence agencies covered up ’80s child sex cult


(Natural News) The FBI Records Vault recently released a treasure trove of declassified documents about a 1980s sex cult known as “The Finders” – and the details are sure to shock you.

What we’ve already learned from these documents is that United States intelligence agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) covered up an epidemic of child sex abuse, ritual sacrifice, and other horrific crimes against humanity that were being propagated by The Finders.

Under the cover of darkness and deception, The Finders were abducting women, children, and other victims as part of “a large, well organized scheme,” it has been revealed. Further, the US intelligence apparatus was covering for it all, failing – or more accurately refusing – to go after the perpetrators in order to bring them to justice.

A preliminary investigation has uncovered that prosecution against The Finders was declined as far back as the year 1987, which is apparently around the time that the FBI was trying to keep it all under wraps. Despite searches of properties owned by The Finders turning up extensive evidence of criminal activities, including tunnel systems underneath a fake preschool, the FBI chose to pretend as though nothing bad was happening.

This preschool was fake in that it had a fake fire alarm system installed that connected not to the local fire department, but to internal alert monitoring systems that kept a close eye on everyone inside. Further, more than 100 animal bones were found underneath the school’s floors, which suggests that the facility was being used for satanic ritual activity.

Local police never would have even known about this were it not for a tip called in about six filthy, crying children who were strangely in a park in Tallahassee, Florida, with just one man. Police arrested the man for child abuse and determined that the children he had with him showed signs of malnourishment and abuse.

Strangely, each of the children was later recovered by different adults who claimed to be their parents or guardians, but all of whom had the same exact script denying any wrongdoing. They all insisted that the children were fine, that no abuse had occurred, and even that images of the children slitting the throats of goats wasn’t satanic, but rather “hands on” experience.

It was everything that law enforcement with integrity and honesty needed to seek justice for these poor, innocent children. But since our law enforcement agencies aren’t honest, nor do they act with integrity, authorities ended up declining prosecution. In other words, they simply went ahead and let these obvious criminals off the hook rather than try to get to the bottom of what was clearly going on: child abuse and ritual sacrifices.