Manitoba, Nunavut go into lockdown to battle coronavirus — why haven’t other provinces?


As coronavirus cases, deaths and hospitalizations continue to spike across Canada, some provinces and territories have turned to drastic measures to slow the spread: lockdowns.

On Wednesday, Nunavut went into a territory-wide lockdown for two weeks in order to get COVID-19 cases under control. This means all schools and non-essential businesses are closed and gatherings are restricted to five people.

Last week, Manitoba, a province that has the highest number of coronavirus cases per capita, went into code red restrictions. The government closed restaurants, bars, gyms and non-essential retail stores and social gatherings are not permitted. However, schools and daycares are still open.

Although coronavirus cases in Manitoba and Nunavut are high, other provinces, like British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, are also dealing with surging numbers.

For example, on Tuesday, B.C. had its highest single-day totals for new cases and deaths and its largest number of hospitalizations.