FRIESEN: Ex-Bomber Streveler shows off Cup ring to NFL 'mates


One year ago, Chris Streveler spent Canadian Thanksgiving weekend digging out from Winnipeg’s record-setting October snowstorm and helping the Blue Bombers end a three-game losing streak.

Fast-forward 12 months, and the 25-year-old quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals spent it flying to New York and back, where his team ended its two-game slide against the NFL’s winless Jets.

Streveler carried some precious cargo for his latest trip, and while it’s too soon to call it a good-luck charm, he sure felt lucky to be able to share it with his first-year NFL teammates.

“I just got my Grey Cup ring this week, so I wore it on the plane when we flew out,” Streveler said during a chat with the Winnipeg Sun on Monday. “I showed it off to everyone. It’s something that I’m really, really proud of. And it’s something that no one can ever take away from us.”

Because he’d been so consumed with diving into NFL training camp and the start of the season, Streveler hadn’t made arrangements to get his ring shipped down sooner.

But the wait was worth it.

“Guys are pretty impressed,” he said. “They’re like, ‘Man, this is awesome. It’s got some weight behind it.’ I tell everyone when I put that thing on, I feel like I’m acting totally different. You’ve got this big diamond ring on, you know what I mean?”

Sounds like it has the same effect as a fur coat, cigar and a few beers.

“It’s cool to get to show that off and talk to guys about my time up there and how great it was. I love doing that.”

There are NFL players who say all the right things about their time in the CFL, and then there’s Streveler, who feels every word he says.

“I know for me it’s been a different journey,” he said. “You don’t see a lot of guys from up there, quarterbacks, come down here. But I don’t really run from that journey. I love talking about the CFL, I love tellin’ ’em how great players there are up there, how much I loved my time up there.

“When I do get the chance to think back on it and see pictures or videos of that season or that week after the Grey Cup, it always just brings back so many emotions.”

As for his current team, the Cards improved to 3-2 with the win over the Jets, Streveler dressing as the only backup quarterback for all five games.