The elf village, a Winnipeg Christmas tale


The elf village started in 2006, when Jen de Delley built a shoe shop for kicks.

With old Sam Katz signs she found in the trash, she built that small structure. 

It took just a flash. 

When her boyfriend, Victor Diduch, came home from the gym, his whole face lit up with a big Christmas grin. 

They recently agreed to a decorative yuletide duel, and now they knew how to make friends look a fool. 

The couple went on to build many more things, like a pub and jewel shop that sells Christmas rings. 

Soon more structures went up, year over year, to show off their prowess and spread Christmas cheer.  

They built intricate scenes beneath every ceiling.  

She told CBC News, "They all hold a lot of meaning." 

The clinic pays homage to their recovery, post-crash. 

The school went up because a little girl asked.

The village began to attract some attention, from neighbours impressed by their festive inventions. 

"It's become a tradition for us," said de Delley, citing unity. 

"It's become a tradition for a lot of people in the community." 

On a cold winter's night, through their window they peek. 

Folks are there by the dozens. It's elf village they seek.  

It's free of charge. They don't make a fuss.

"It's not a competition anymore, you know, it's actually meaningful to us."

Now their front lawn is filled with people. Who knew it?