All About Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers & Edifier R1700BT


Gone are the days when our grandparents danced to "Jailhouse Rock" while it blared over a gramophone loudspeaker. So, today - and we say this with respect - thank God for Active Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers. 

What's the definition?

By its very name, a bookshelf speaker calls to mind something sleek yet compact. They are also user-friendly because of their Bluetooth technology. 

With this article, we give you the extra on everything you need to know about Active Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers and Edifier R1700BT. 

The flex: passive vs. active Bluetooth speakers

Now for the basics. An Active Bluetooth Speaker is an all-in-one system with a built-in amplifier. Whereas, a passive speaker does not have a built-in amplifier. You will need to connect it with a regular speaker wire. 

Going wireless

Your Active Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker is uncluttered and convenient. It can connect to any smart device. It usually comes equipped with a wireless remote. If you have a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, you are ready to rock and roll. On the other hand, being wireless it also frequently features a series of wired connections. Thus it is possible to connect with a turntable, a separate DAC if you have one.

Sound quality

If you are the kind that enjoys all genres of music, especially those heavy on the bass, do check the quality of the sound. In which case, you may have to connect an extra subwoofer to your system. But if you own the Edifier R1700BTs Active Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers, the sound quality is refined and rich. Nevertheless, this piece comes equipped with a front bass reflex port and a subwoofer output. Thefront portprovides placement flexibility if the speakers are up close to a wall. 

When you have a system with Soundfield Spatializer as Edifier R1700BT does, that's a bonus. This unique feature gives you the effects of a larger sound-stage. All you have to do is press the button. It creates a range of sound effects by perfecting the use of each channel. It then shares opposite signals to remove mutual interruption and enhances separation.

Size it up

So, you are looking for something that takes up less space. Book Shelf speakers Edifier R1700BT can fit into small living spaces. Their compact size comes in dimensions of 6 by 8 by 9.75 inches. Size does not diminish performance at all. If you want speakers with good surround sound using minimal space, you made the right choice. 

Bluetooth 5.0

When you own a Bluetooth speaker with 5.0 technology like the Edifier 1700BT, you get faster speed and more range. We are talking real speed. Because a Bluetooth 5.0 has a maximum of 4x the range, 8x the bandwidth, and two times the speed. It can transfer data at 2 Mbps. Bluetooth 5.0 is the most advanced model, which enhances the data transmission rate and range. The wireless connection enables you to have fun listening from your phone, laptop, or tablet. What's more, it also works with iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows devices.

The look

You are looking for a Bluetooth speaker that is stylish and petite. Edifier 1700BT gives you speakers that don't compromise the aesthetics of your room. The walnut wood and matte black finish look uber cool.


The Edifier 1700BT bookshelf speakers use digital signal processing (DSP) and dynamic range control (DRC) to curb distortion. With its 30W + 36W RMS undistorted power, 4-inch woofer, and 19mm silk dome tweeter, these speakers give clarity even with indiscernible sounds.

How much do your bookshelf speakers cost?

Since you are spending, why not get value for money? The thing about bookshelf Bluetooth speakers is they give you a bargain. You can't go wrong with the Edifier R1700 BT. You get a steal at a mere $234 which is awesome in these inflationary and high gas cost times, and they perform with clear definition. 

Positioning your active Bluetooth bookshelf speakers

Where would you set your bookshelf speaker? Perhaps on a bookshelf, on sleek speaker stands, or a media console. Still, do remember to place the speakers correctly. The rule of thumb is to settle your bookshelf speakers at an angle of 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock. Tilting the angle facing your favored listening position. Don't forget, tweeters must be at the level of your ears for maximized effectiveness.

Why Edifier R1700BT is our pick

  • A bookshelf Bluetooth speaker with a stylish design.
  • Amazing sound clarity on everything from TV to gaming or jamming with your favorite songs.
  • The WiFi and Bluetooth wireless functionality allow you to stream music directly from any device.
  • You have Bluetooth connectivity pairing on all the time. This means you don’t have any hassle pairing.
  • The advanced technology of 5.0 Bluetooth works fast and efficiently.