The cost of living in Winnipeg for International Students


Canada has become quite famous for its renowned educational institutions. For international students, studying in Canada is also a rewarding investment for the future.

Asides its stunning natural beauty, diversity and multicultural cities, students who choose to study in Canada have access to a globally recognized degree and a premium education that rivals any other country. However, gaining admission to colleges and universities in Canada requires enough financial planning and commitment beforehand.


According to a survey by the Canadian Bureau for International Education, the top three reasons why Canada is a choice destination for numerous students are its quality educational system, non-discriminatory society and overall safety.

One of the most affordable cities to live in Canada is Winnipeg but it is still important for students to get a clear picture of what their living cost would be before making it a choice location. International students are required to be financially capable of covering the cost of living and studying in Canada—as it is a major requirement by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Asides from tuition fees, other living expenses need to be put into consideration while planning your stay.

Living Room

Winnipeg is one of the major cities in Canada and is popular for its rich culture, diverse traditions, job opportunities and is suitable for foreigners who want to either work or study. The city is home to four universities: the University of Winnipeg, University of Manitoba, Canadian Mennonite University and the University of Saint-Boniface.

The cost of living in Winnipeg is greatly dependent on where you live and your lifestyle. For most international students, their first year is spent on-campus where students would have to share their living spaces, kitchen, laundry room and other social areas with other students. This can actually be great for students travelling abroad for the first time, since it’s a fantastic way to network and build long-lasting relationships while studying.

The cost of living on-campus in Winnipeg ranges between $400 - $500 monthly and varies based on the university and their different room options. For example, the University of Winnipeg offers international students a variety of residence building styles to match their individual living needs.


There’s the McFeetors Hall that ranges from $7,800 - $10,000 per term and is inclusive of meals which are prepared through Diversity Food Services offering students fresh, nutritious, and ethnically diverse food options. This eliminates the time and effort students would spend buying groceries, cooking and washing dishes—allowing them to spend more time on their studies.


 The Balmoral Housing costs approximately $4,3000 per term while the Family Housing which is more suited for students with families ranges from $8,200 - $14,100 per term. Depending on what your specific needs are, the city of Winnipeg has accommodation options to help you build your budget.

Typically, international students would opt for off-campus accommodation soon after their first year—especially when they are quite accustomed to the country.

While off-campus accommodation in larger cities like Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver are quite expensive to live in for international students, Winnipeg boasts of having one the most cheapest rental prices for students in Canada.

Another great option for international students are student housing communities such as The Arc.  It looks and functions in most way as regular apartment building but is specifically tailored to serve student needs. It is located right across the University of Manitoba campus, and features student-friendly amanities such as study area, wi-fi access for residents, lounges, kitchen and launcdry facilities, etc. Living at such student residence would cost from 700$/month and up depending on the suite style you choose.

The Arc is the first luxury student residence in Winnipeg and offers various room options to cater to the diverse needs of international students today. Their property consists of about 570 beds with either singles, doubles, or four-bedroom units. For students schooling at the Manitoba Institute of Trades & Technology and the University of Manitoba, the Arc is located very close to these institutions and students have 10 different suite-style to choose from.

While international students prefer to live closer to their educational institution prefer and save money on commute by walking or riding a bike, those who live far off would prefer commuting using either a Bus or Metro. In Winnipeg, the average cost of transportation for students ranges from $70 - $150 depending on the mode of transportation, university of choice and eligible discounts.

All international students in Winnipeg are always required to have a health insurance cover, either Provincial Health Care or Private Health Insurance. The provincial medical health care system provides only essential preventive and emergency services to students while private health insurance has a lot more advantages such as ambulance services, dental services, prescription drugs, and private hospital rooms.

The average cost of private insurance in Winnipeg ranges from $30 - $70 monthly depending on your selected health plan—whether single, couple or family.

For food, students should estimate an average monthly expenditure of $200 monthly which includes groceries, but this is dependent on your eating habits.

Nonetheless, the cost of living in Canada varies from city to city and in Winnipeg, estimating what your month or year expenditure would be is dependent on which school you intend to study in and where it is located.